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Malvern Hills
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We meet in The Great Malvern Hotel at 8PM on the second Wednesday of each month (note the change of day and week in the month) except August. Admission for your first visit is free; the normal admission price is £2.

Come and tell a story or just come and listen, as you wish. We have suggested themes for each evening, but come and tell your story even if it does not fit the theme.

2020 Programme

8th January Tales from the North

From Polar bears to Inuit legends of Polaris, and from the Fomorians to marauding Norseman …. The mind boggles with the opportunities, both physical and metaphorical!

12th February Love gained, lost, renewed
11th March Generosity, Meanness, Forgiveness
8th April Quests and Brave Deeds
13th May Fearless Girls - Wise Women
10th June Leprechauns and Giants
8th July Bold Boys - Mighty Men
9th September Creatures of the Air and the Sea
14st October Strange and Twisted Stories and Legends
11th November From out the West
9th December The Magic of Wishing, and Commitment

Looking forward to seeing you…

Download the entire Programme for 2020 as a PDF