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Malvern Hills
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Come and tell a story or just come and listen, as you wish. We have suggested themes for each evening, but come and tell your story even if it does not fit the theme.

2022 Programme

12th January Hopes and Miracles

What will the new year bring? Janus has two heads to see both the old year and the new

9th February Tales from the North

When the winter winds blow cold, a tale might warm you

9th March Spring

New growth or perhaps stories of those who spring forwards

13th April Eastern Promise
11th May Animal trickery or trickery by a Medicine Man
8th June Grandmothers and Wise Women
13th July Brothers and Sisters
14th September Gods and Goddesses
12th October Tall tree tales!
9th November

The devil and his tricks

14th December Happy Christmas all

Looking forward to seeing you…

Download the entire Programme for 2022 as a PDF