Malvern Storytellers

Malvern Hills
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Malvern Storytellers holds collected personal e-mail addresses on a database. The purpose is to keep interested parties informed of events directly or indirectly relevant to our declared aims and activities.

Our Privacy policy

Data is collected directly from potential list members and if provided by a third party (ie your friend) your data will be verified directly with you, identifying the origin, before inclusion in our lists.

We treat data by consent and in an ethical and fair manner in tune with our conscience and declared aims, giving people choice. All messages are sent out as blind copies protecting your identity.

If at any time you wish to be removed from the mailing list please email

What we do and why we would contact you

The aim of Malvern Storytellers is:

  • to promote the art of storytelling in the wider Malvern area.
  • to provide a regular venue where storytellers and others interested in the art of storytelling can meet and develop their skills.
  • to provide opportunities for people in the area to enjoy the work of amateur and professional storytellers.
  • to provide information on storytelling and similar activities in the UK and in the Malvern area in particular.
Looking forward to seeing you…